Wedding Details You Don't Want To Forget

One of the biggest things we see couples forget to budget for is all of the little details. It’s easy to create a budget based on all of the larger vendors - venue, catering, floral, photographer, music, and planner - and forget about the little things that make your wedding unique. Forgetting to account for these items early on leads to your budget unexpectedly growing near the end of wedding planning or these fun details being forgotten altogether! Here are some details you want to plan for from the beginning!

Paper Goods - It’s likely that you included invitations in your budget, but how accurate was your estimate? If you’re basing that off of an online site and later decide you want a custom suite, there will be a bit of a price difference. Your budget also likely only includes the invitation suite going out to all of your guests, but what about place cards? Seating chart? Programs? Thank you note for your welcome bag? These are all things that are typically forgotten. Although not all of them are required, if you decide you want them later on it will certainly adjust your budget. Plan for them early and work with your planner to be intentional about where to spend your money for the biggest impact.


Photos - It’s common for couples to feature personal photos of some sort at the ceremony or reception. Whether it be some of your sweet engagement photos, a canvas of your favorite bridal portrait, or some heirloom photos of your parents and grandparents at their weddings, printing and frames cost money!

Cake Serving Set & Toasting Glasses - You may have an heirloom set you’ve been planning to use, but if not this is something to include in your details budget! If your family does not already have a set that has been passed down, you may consider starting the tradition yourself and investing in a nice set of toasting glasses or a cake serving set.

Accessories - Your wedding look involves so much more than just the dress! Don’t forget to plan for shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, perfume, garter, etc. Don’t leave out your groom either! Think about details that are important to him as well such as a watch, cuff links, and cologne.

Favors - Another thing couples often forget to budget for is favors. Typically the best favors are treats or something that can used at the wedding itself. If you decide you’d like to do favors, consider investing in a favor that is meaningful and useful such as small jars of your dad’s homemade salsa or your grandma’s famous cookies. Depending on what you choose, it may be fairly inexpensive but it is useful to set aside a small amount for impactful favors!

Guest Book - Last but not least is your guest book. Some couples choose to break outside the traditional guest book and go for something that is sentimental or will be a permanent fixture in their home.

Corley Spell